Best Casino Games You Can Play With Bitcoin

Best Casino Games You Can Play With Bitcoin

Since the birth of online casinos in the 1990s, the global online gambling industry has continued to expand and evolve alongside the internet, smart mobile technology and even payment methods. Bitcoin, for instance, is being accepted at an increasing number of online casinos to the joy of players attracted by the cryptocurrency’s negligible fees, instant payments, and virtual anonymity.

That and the fact the world’s premier Bitcoin-friendly online and mobile casinos offer players exactly the same games as their FIAT currency counterparts. In other words, Bitcoin casinos are powered by the exact same world-leading online casino game vendors. Although a few still offer downloadable games, most develop browser-based ‘instant play’ games – for demo play and real money.

Which raises the question of what are the best casino games you can play with Bitcoin?

This article aims to answer this question by showcasing a handful of the most popular, entertaining, lucrative and feature-laden online slots you can play right now with Bitcoin and/or any other major currency. Leading international no deposit online casino guide NoDepositRewards says the following online slots from Endorphina, NetEnt, Play’n GO, BetSoft are amongst the best available.

Satoshi’s Secret Slot (Endorphina)

Satoshi’s Secret slot from Endorphina stands out from the crowd because it has incorporated the mysterious and supposed Bitcoin inventor Satoshi into its theme, and because this 3 row, 6 reel, 20 pay line slot game can only be played in real money mode using Bitcoin. Coupled with a theme and colour scheme that is reminiscent of The Matrix films, Satoshi’s Secret’s graphics are enticing.

This video slot has a total of 12 symbols including a hooded Satoshi, the letters Q, W, E, R, T, Y, the dollar symbol, the pound symbol and the euro symbol. The remaining two symbols are the Bitcoin Bonus symbol and the wild symbol. Four bonus symbols automatically trigger the Trading bonus game, while QWERTY across the reels triggers the Hacking bonus game which has three levels.

The wild substitutes for all other symbols except Satoshi and the bonus. With a bet size ranging from 0.01 credits up to 5 credits, Satoshi’s Secret is suited to all budgets and boasts a 5000 coin maximum payout for 5 Satoshi symbols.

bitcoin, games, casino, satoshi's secret

Bitcoins, Bitcoins my world for a 1000 Bitcoins

Starburst Slot (NetEnt)

Starburst slot from Swedish gaming powerhouse NetEnt was launched in 2012 and is still one of the most popular slot choices at Bitcoin online casinos. It is revered just as much for its bright, bold and colourful theme as much as its simplicity. Starburst has 3 rows, 5 reels and 10 pay lines that pay from left to right as well as from right to left, which is rare to find in either land or online slots.

This bitcoin slot has 8 symbols made up of the Bar, the 7, the yellow gem, the green gem, the red gem, the blue gem and the purple gem. The final and most important symbol is the multi-coloured Starburst symbol which only lands on reels 2,3 or 4. As an expanding wild, the Starburst substitutes for all other symbols and can also yield the game’s maximum payout of 50,000 credits.

The slot accepts bets from 0.01 up to 1, with a minimum bet of 10 credits up to 100 credits a spin.

Planet Fortune Slot (Play’n GO)

Planet Fortune slot from Play ‘N Go is a 4 row, 5 reel and 40 pay line bitcoin slot with a 1950’s space film-inspired theme and accompanying music and sound effects. Its engaging theme aside, this game is crammed with fun and high-paying features like its randomly triggered Magnetic Mayhem feature and the Robot Revolution Free Spin feature, which brings 10 free spins and sticky walking wilds.

These are wilds that move one reel to the left with each free spin until there are none left and can pay out up to 2,500 times the bet size. The game has 11 symbols that comprise the A, K, Q, J and 10, a space crystal, a space gem, the game’s hero and heroine (Astro-Adam and Extragalactic-Eve) and finally two robots, which are also the slot’s wild symbols and can activate up to 10 free spins.

The minimum bet of Planet Fortune slot is 0.20 while the maximum is 20. The maximum payout is 2500x the player’s stake.

casino, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, gambling

Released on the 25th of Jan 2018, It promises to be epic

More Gold Diggin Slot (BetSoft)

More Gold Diggin slot from BetSoft is widely played by bitcoin online casino fans due to its superior 3D-style graphics, animations and high-payouts. The sequel to the equally successful Gold Diggers slot, this 3 row, 5 reel, 25 pay line video slot features two ‘redneck’ gold miners and a mischievous gopher that become animated (literally and figuratively) when winning combinations are made.

Set in a rickety goldmine with falling symbols that contain a mixture of precious metals, minerals and stones such as gold, silver, copper, diamonds, rubies, oil along with sticks of dynamite and barrels of TNT. The dynamite is also the game’s wild while the TNT is its scatter, three of which trigger the free spins. There is also a gamble feature, where players can either double up or lose their winnings.

More Gold Diggin slot accepts a coin size of 0.02 to 0.50, and a minimum and a maximum bet of 25 to 125 credits respectively. Its maximum payout is 12,500 the player’s initial stake.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not represent the views of NewsBTC or any of its team members. NewsBTC is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied in Sponsored Stories/Press Releases such as this one.

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South Korea Mulls New Crypto Licenses for Exchanges

South Korea is examining a licensing system to regulate the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges in a major turn around from its previous harsh stance.

A turn around from hardline approach

After announcing less than a month ago that some or all cryptocurrency exchanges may be shut down in the aftermath of the Bitcoin market correction South Korea looks as if it may soften their stance.

According to Business Korea, the government is considering adopting a system similar to New York’s Bitlicense model. The New York system only allows exchanges that applied for a Bitlicense from the state department of financial services to trade cryptocurrency. New York requires detailed reporting regulations and a minimum capital requirement which has limited the number of firms and currencies that qualify.

The South Korean government considers that implementing such a system brings a notoriously volatile market into a more familiar institutional framework which can be more easily supervised. These recent statements are a dramatic reversal to an energetic crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges last year.

The first mention of a ban by South Korea, one of the top cryptocurrency markets in the world, in December of 2017 caused Bitcoin to slide 18% in one day. Resulting in the chief of financial services commission to talk openly about shuttering cryptocurrency exchanges nationwide in a speech to parliament.

“(The government) is considering both shutting down all local virtual currency exchanges or just the ones who have been violating the law,”

Choi Jong Ku, chief of financial services commission.

This call for tighter regulation sparked a strong reaction as thousands of South Koreans signed a petition to stop any ban on cryptocurrency trading on the website of the presidential blue house.

Creating a path to stable crypto market

This recent reconsideration from the government comes as a great relief to investors both in the country and around the world as South Korea’s policies would affect the international cryptocurrency market.

It seems that the recent stabilization of Bitcoin’s value after it fell dramatically at the end of last year has convinced the government that a safely regulated market is viable.

Or maybe the government realized that an attempted ban on trading would drive cryptocurrency exchanges underground, taking them out of the tax revenue loop as well as alienating South Korea from the developing Blockchain technology expansion and all of the benefits that are sure to come with it.

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How To Profit From The Recent Bitcoin Bloodbath

How To Profit From The Recent Bitcoin Bloodbath

· February 13, 2018 · 9:00 am

It’s no secret that crypto incubators and hedge funds get access to the best deals because of their inside connections…

But, now, for a short time, there is a way for regular investors to ride on the coattails of one of the most connected teams in crypto – right in your brokerage account.

In short: The team behind Global Blockchain Technologies (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is the best way to play the crypto boom. The company is the world’s first blockchain hedge fund, an incubator for new crypto up-and-comers. Most importantly, it’s overseen by the co-founder of Ethereum, Steven Nerayoff. He’s as connected as they come and was instrumental in helping Ethereum go from zero to over $100 BILLION.

Not only does the Global Blockchain team invest in the best, brightest and most profitable crypto projects. It also incubates new and upcoming crypto and blockchain firms. And the best part is: you don’t need to know a thing about blockchain, or crypto-currencies, to get in on the action. All you do is add BLOC to your portfolio and let their team of the most connected blockchain experts do the work for you.

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize every major industry. It’s time for smart investors to pay attention and Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is the perfect place to start.

How Does Global Blockchain Get the Blockchain Projects?

#1 How Does Global Blockchain Get the Blockchain Projects?

Blockchain technology is used in the crypto-currency world. It allows cryptos to bypass traditional middle-men (banks, financial firms, hedge funds) and sets up secure, linked interactive collaborative networks for the quick and easy flow of information and money.

Bitcoin may be a bubble, but blockchain is going to disrupt everything. In financial services alone it’s being applied in brokerages, exchanges, merchants, middleware… and much more.

And, it’s being adopted by a plethora of financial giants including Barclays, JP Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche Bank just to name a few.

Global Blockchain gives investors exposure to this booming industry. The company has built a basket of crypto-currency and blockchain investments. The company’s team of blockchain experts choose 12 or more crypto-currency tokens to incubate and will take equity and a percentage of the founder’s tokens in return. The company can build new value into these tokens, diversifying its holdings and giving different tokens time to flourish. In some cases, the only way to get access to the value of these tokens early is to invest in Global Blockchain. The team at Global Blockchain knows the token world inside and out.

Steve Nerayoff was a senior adviser for the crypto-currency Ethereum when it was first launched: since then, the currency has risen 94,000 percent. Nerayoff also designed the Ethereum crowdsale, which funded the project, and went on to advise Lisk crypto-currency, now with a market cap of $526 million. He’s got a history of building hundred million dollar projects.

President Shidan Gouran is a blockchain expert with a long track record of spotting successful crypto-currencies.

Rick Willard, another veteran of the crypto world, was the co-founder of the Silicon Valley blockchain society. Other crypto experts round out the Global Blockchain roster, including Kyle Kemper, executive director of Blockchain Association of Canada, and Michael Terpin, co-founder of BitAngels, the first network for angel investors in the crypto world.

The point is: these guys are experts at blockchain. They use their experience to pick the investments that could become winners, so you don’t have to. That makes Global Blockchain the perfect crypto investment for regular investors who want exposure to the sector… without going all-in.

They Make the Investments

#2 They Make the Investments

Last year, crypto-currencies and blockchain stocks burst on to the scene, taking investors by surprise. Now, everyone wants to get in on the action. But investing in cryptocurrencies can be dangerous. Different coins are highly volatile, and values can change in the blink of an eye. In 2017, the value of Bitcoin surged from a few hundred dollars to more than $19,000, before dropping down to $11,000 by the end of the year. The currency lost half its value in a short span of time.

There’s clearly money to be made in crypto-currencies and blockchain technology. The trick is doing it without exposing yourself to all that volatility.

Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) invests in a basket of holdings in the Blockchain space, giving it smart exposure to the entire sector. In return for incubating specific tokens, Global Blockchain receives equity, allowing it to profit down the line as the token picks up value. But Global Blockchain is more than just a basket of currencies. The company is incubating specific tokens, building a diverse portfolio based on the token economy. It’s the only company out there making this kind of play.

In 2017, investors could score big on the rising value of crypto-currencies. But Global Blockchain is playing the long game, and is investing in protocols for stabilizing the token economy and turning it into an engine for real growth.

It does this through a very particular strategy. 

#3 The BLOC Strategy

Right now, some very large crypto-currency tokens are hogging the spotlight. Bitcoin has a market cap of $157 billion, while Ethereum comes in at $109 billion and Ripple at $38 billion. These three tokens dominate the crypto space. In the last year, these three currencies averaged more than 900 percent increases in value (for Ethereum, it’s more like 90,000 percent!). There’s still lots of room for growth, however. The amount of the world’s wealth held in crypto-currency is very, very small: less than 0.5 percent.

While these larger, more expensive cryptos get all the attention, there’s real potential in medium and small cap tokens. Smaller coins bring higher returns. Verge, a crypto with a market cap of $864 million, has delivered an ROI of 203,049 percent to its investors. Other tokens, like PIVX, Einsteinium, ReddCoin, and Stellar are also high earners: they’ve all brought ROIs of more than 10,000 percent.

Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) goes after these types of small cap currencies. The insights of the company’s team give them the experience to choose the tokens most likely to have success, sifting through the hundreds of small cap tokens. One way they do this is through specific targeting of tokens before they reach the ICO stage. An ICO (initial coin offering) is a fundraising tool for crypto currencies similar to an IPO (initial public offering). It’s the moment when the token officially becomes available for purchase.

Global Blockchain deploys its crypto expertise and targets some of the most promising tokens before they reach the ICO stage. Before tokens break out and maybe start going for thousands of dollars, Global Blockchain is able to secure a piece of the pie, handing down the value of its diverse holdings to investors who want exposure to the crypto market.

The BLOC Strategy

#4 Securing Start-Ups

Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) has also positioned itself as an incubator for token start-ups. As the only “crypto hedge fund” in the business, it can get in on the ground floor with tokens before they reach the ICO stage. For example, Global Blockchain was one of the first buyers of Kodak Coin, a brand-new token from the legendary camera and film company.

Global Blockchain was offered 8 million KodakCoins as part of a pre-ICO sale, which the company secured at a huge discount for only $2 million. The company is also working to bring blockchain technology to software applications. In connection with its KodakCoin investment, Global Blockchain is partnering with and its subsidiary tZero to facilitate the KodakCoin ICO.

With tZero setting up a secure platform for KodakCoin, which will make the token more readily available and compliant with SEC regulations, Global Blockchain is to provide advisory services. The platform will provide a secure way to facilitate ICOs in a way that is regulated and secure.

And this is just the beginning.

Global Blockchain can bring its expertise to a dozen different areas. Through its innovations, discreet economies can be “tokenized” and made secure, facilitating a wider use of tokens for every-day transactions.

For example, in-game economies for massive video games like Second Life, Eve Online, and World of Warcraft represent huge possibilities. The economy of the game Second Life, for example, could be worth as much as $500 million, and users spent $60 million in real currency in 2014. The economy of the game EVE Online was worth $55 million in 2016. And now, the currency of World of Warcraft is worth more than the currency of Venezuela.

Global Blockchain could bring turn that virtual money into tokens and trade them via the token market its developed for KodakCoin.

And with each innovation, BLOC stock ticks higher and higher. 

Securing Start-Ups

#5 Major Opportunity

The crypto market realized huge gains in 2017. And it’s just getting started. Large cap tokens like Ethereum, small-caps like Verge, and start-up ICOs like KodakCoin are revolutionizing the international financial system. And Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF) is one company that has the expertise, the strategy and tools available to make that value accessible to the investor.

The exposure gained from Global Blockchain’s diverse portfolio and its stake in new crypto start-ups allows it to offer opportunities that investors can find nowhere else. And it’s all under the watchful eye of Steven Nerayoff, the co-founder of Ethereum and the man who helped build the second most valuable crypto, now worth more than $100 billion.

An exciting future awaits Global Blockchain. Its partnerships with tZero and KodakCoin, the possibility of bringing token technology to virtual video game economies, and other exclusive opportunities mark it out as a company to watch.

For investors who want in on the crypto-currency gold rush, this is the perfect option: it’s as simple as adding the stock to your brokerage account, then watching the price and the announcements.

With a market cap of only US$64 million, Global Blockchain‘s participation in the blockchain and token world give investors a chance to participate too. Over the coming weeks, expect new information that could place more focus on this company, including…

  • Steven Nerayoff’s talks at any of the big blockchain conferences
  • Press releases of new token projects (like the Kodak One) the team is incubating
  • Press releases on updated crypto portfolio assets under management
  • And more…

Don’t miss out on the blockchain revolution… especially when you can get exposure to experience, tokens, and projects with one simple stock investment in Global Blockchain (CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF).

By. Ian Jenkins


FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION. This news release contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Generally, any statements that are not historical facts may contain forward-looking information, and forward-looking information can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “plans”, “expects” “intends” or variations of such words or indicates that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will be” taken, “occur” or “be achieved”. Forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to the rate of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption and the resultant effect on the growth of the global cryptocurrency and tokens market capitalization; Global Blockchain Technologies Corp.’s (“BLOC”) anticipated ability to reduce risk for investors and give investors exposure to a broad cross-section of the blockchain ecosystem; BLOC’s projected asset allocations, business strategy and investment criteria, including the anticipated contributions of BLOC’s incubator program; the expected strengths and contributions of BLOC’s management and advisors; and the rate of cryptocurrency adoption and the resultant effect on the growth of the global cryptocurrency market capitalization. Readers should be aware that BLOC has no assets except cash from a recently completed financing and its business plan is purely conceptual in nature: there is no assurance that it will be implemented as set out herein, or at all. Forward-looking information is based on certain factors and assumptions about BLOC believed to be reasonable at the time such statements are made, including but not limited to: statements and expectations regarding the adoption and growth of the global cryptocurrency and tokens market capitalization; BLOC’s ability to reduce risk for investors and give investors exposure to a broad cross- section of the blockchain ecosystem; BlOC’s ability to acquire a basket of cryptocurrency assets and pre-ICO and ICO financings on favorable terms or at all, successfully create or incubate its own tokens and ICO’s, and execute on future investment and M&A opportunities in the cryptocurrency space; BLOC’s ability to capitalize on the skills and expertise of its management and advisors; and such other assumptions and factors as set out herein. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of BLOC to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information, including but not limited to: risks related to changes in cryptocurrency prices; the estimation of personnel and operating costs; that BLOC will receive required regulatory approvals; the availability of necessary financing; permitting of businesses that BLOC intends to invest in; general global markets and economic conditions; uninsurable risks; risks associated with currency fluctuations; risks associated with competition faced in securing experienced personnel with appropriate industry experience and expertise; risks associated with changes in the financial auditing and corporate governance standards applicable to cryptocurrencies and ICO’s; risks related to potential conflicts of interest; the reliance on key personnel; financing, capitalization and liquidity risks including the risk that the financings necessary to fund continued development of BLOC’s business plan may not be available on satisfactory terms, or at all; the risk of dilution through the issuance of additional common shares of BLOC; the risk of litigation; the risk that BLOC’s management and advisors may not contribute as much as expected to the company’s success; the risk and the risk that cyber crime may severely damage the value of any or all of BLOC’s investments. There may be many other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. We undertake no obligation to update forward-looking statements if these beliefs, estimates, and opinions or other circumstances should change, except as required by law. Investors are cautioned against attributing undue certainty to forward-looking statements.

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Do you prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies individually or through a ‘basket’ of coins that have been thoroughly analyzed? Which do you think is better for new investors in the crypto space? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Global Blockchain Technologies, Shutterstock

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Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis – Bitcoin Cash Falls through Key Support Level 13/02/2018

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis – Bitcoin Cash Falls through Key Support Level 13/02/2018

Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin Cash hit an intraday high $1,297.3 on Monday, before easing back ahead of the close to end the day up 5.26% at $1,275.
  • A bearish trend has formed through the early part of Tuesday, with Bitcoin Cash down 4.14% to $1,230.3 at the time of writing.
  • Bitcoin Cash tested its first major support level $1,232.6 in the early hours, falling to an intraday low $1,213, before moving back to $1,230.3.

Bitcoin Cash Price Support

Following Monday’s failed attempts to break through to $1,300 levels, Bitcoin Cash has been the worst performer amongst the major cryptocurrencies this morning, with a $1,285.2 intraday high being hit at the start of the day.

The pullback through the morning has seen Bitcoin Cash test its first major support level of $1,232.6, having fallen to an intraday low $1,213, with a bearish trend developing through the morning.

Bitcoin Cash fell through the 23.6% FIB Retracement of $1,237.17, with a lack of buyers pinning back a move back towards $1,300 levels hit during the weekend.

A failure to pull back through to $1,250 could see a further decline to test the next major support level sitting of $1,175.45, though we will expect some support at $1,200.

Sentiment towards the cryptomarket continues to pin back any major rally, with Bitcoin Cash and the rest of the cryptos unable to hold on to gains as investors continue to fret over what lies ahead for the market.

Regulatory updates continue to hit the news wires and, while much of the chatter is from smaller crypto jurisdictions, the main jurisdictions are unlikely to be far behind, with any major news likely to hit the markets hard over the near-term.

For Bitcoin Cash, another concern for investors will be the imminent launch of Litecoin’s LitePay, with the team has announced a launch date of 26th February. Investors will have to wait for launch to get a sense of how popular the payment platform will be, but it will more than likely test support for Bitcoin Cash near-term.

The support and resistance levels provide some guidance on where buyers and sellers may be concentrated, but as we have seen through much of the year, moves are likely to be news driven until the market settles.

Bitcoin Cash 4H Chart
Bitcoin Cash 4H Chart

Looking at the Technical Indicators

  • Major Support Level: $1,175.45
  • Major Resistance Level: $1,322.1
  • Fib 23.6% Retracement Level: $1,237.17
  • Fib 38% Retracement Level: $1,145.72
  • Fib 62% Retracement Level: $997.89

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Only 24 Hours to Go for the Lydian ICO

· February 13, 2018 · 1:15 am

LydianCoin (LDN) is a utility-token that permits the purchasing of digital marketing services for blockchain brands requiring crypto-audience targeting using artificial intelligence. The Company is also building its own blockless DLT (distributed ledger technology), called The Whisper Network with two decentralized applications, MonaChain and MonaBrowse. MonaChain will combat ad fraud, while MonaBrowse will prevent the growth of 700 million devices that use ad-blockers.

Why LydianCoin?

  • Last week Facebook announced that it has banned all advertising for binary options, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). A Canadian regulator has called on Google to do the same. If Facebook and Google won’t allow blockchain brands to advertise, where will this money go?
  • The Whisper Network will become the fastest blockless Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and offer an innovative solution to help solve the scalability problems well known to current blockchain ecosystem.
  • A combination of artificial intelligence along with a blockless Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) will revolutionize DLT in the years to come as more people move towards cryptocurrencies and other groundbreaking and pioneering DLT-related technologies.
  • More specifically, The Whisper Network will utilize this original DAG technology to provide an advanced platform to help clients target their digital advertisements for a wide variety of businesses and industries. While most distributed ledger technologies are solely devoted to a specific vertical, this network aims to attract a wide variety of different market sectors and will eventually allow third parties to create their own decentralized applications.
  • The Two DApps, MonaChain and MonaBrowse, will combat what is costing the digital advertising industry over $60 billion a year in losses. Just solving these two issues by using a scalable DLT technology could help propel a $230 billion industry forward.
  • For the technically savvy, the Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology links recently completed transactions in order to verify new and incoming transactions. This essentially removes the dependence on the mining community, thus permitting smoother and quicker transaction times. In the spirit of true democracy, each participating device participates similarly in the verification of different transactions, which thus substantially lowers transaction payments and allowing even the smallest of payments to be efficiently accomplished. And, we have over 500 businesses already signed on for our waiting list!

While the DAG technology is just beginning, LydianCoin and The Whisper Network are continually expanding their roadmap to fast-track the development of the quickest and one of the truly functional acyclic DLTs in the world, enabling the real-use case for DApps.

The current ICO for LydianCoin is exceeding all expectations making this the largest ICO token sale in the category of blockchain marketing. In the past few weeks, the Company has attracted name-brand accredited investors and advisors to its board. There is still time to participate and join in with the over 20,000 participants and over 100,000 users that have registered in the system since the beginning of the token sale.

The LydianCoin ICO will be ending in approximately 24 hours on February 14, 2018. The publicized crowd sale price is $0.50 with a minimum purchase of $35 dollars. However, last minute participants in this ICO can participate in an exclusive offer if purchasing with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Participants depositing 1 BTC or 10 ETH will get a 50% discount (be sure to use the promo code WNP50 at checkout).

During the last 24 hours, you can also benefit from an additional 25% discount for every new deposit (promo code WNP25 at checkout).

To participate in this game changing ICO that has the opportunity to revolutionize the way distributed ledger technology and blockchain works, follow a simple four-step purchase process:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to Step 1 and select the number of Lydian tokens that you wish to purchase.
  3. Follow through to Step 2 where you can deposit your funds using BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ETC, LSK, NEO, QTUM, USDT, WAVES, XEM, XMR, ZEC, XRP, PIVX, SBD, STEEM, XVG, BCN or USD Wire. Please note that deposit of funds is not a purchase of Lydian tokens.
  4. Complete your purchase in Step 3 where you can select the number of Lydian tokens that you want to purchase with the deposited funds. Use a promo code if you have one now. Click ‘Buy Now’.

Join us and help reshape the blockchain evolution.

Images courtesy of Lydian

The content of this article was provided by the company referenced. Bitcoinist does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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Ethereum may Introduce its own Identity Standards Rather Soon

A lot of things are happening behind the scenes of Ethereum. While the scaling issues are being sorted, there is another project worth keeping an eye on. Introducing two new identity standards on top of this ecosystem will be a big challenge. Even though ERC20 is a standard associated with digital data, it seems separate identity standards will be introduced. Known as ERC725 and ERC735, these proposals are well worth keeping an eye on.

Blockchain technology is about so much more than financial transactions. Recording transaction data has become second nature when distributed ledgers are the talking point. In the case of Ethereum, the ecosystem has always been about so much more than just doing the same as Bitcoin. More specifically, we may very well see identity standards be introduced in the near future. Two of such standards are currently in development by Fabian Vogelsteller, the creator of the Mist browser.

Two Possible Identity Standards

There is a growing need for digital identity solutions as we speak. Using the blockchain will make a lot of sense in this regard. It is evident Ethereum is in a prime position to offer such innovative solutions. Real world applications will benefit from such a digital solution as well. Most current systems are inadequate and are not exactly immune to hacking either. With a blockchain-based system, the central point of failure is removed automatically.

For now, it remains to be seen how these identity standards will pan out. One option is to introduce formal verification proofs for ERC735. Additionally, ERC725 may not see any official use cases in the near future, as it is not designed for that purpose. Using zero-knowledge proof contains is something Vogelsteller is actively considering right now. As such, the container can validate inputs without revealing any of the data itself to the public. It’s a mix of public and private verification rolled into one.

If Ethereum can offer identity and ID management, things will get very interesting. So far, no other project comes close to realizing such an ordeal in a convenient manner. It will also help address money laundering concerns associated with cryptocurrency in general. This doesn’t mean everyone will see the merit of such a solution, though. For now, we will have to wait and see if and when Ethereum’s identity standards comes to fruition. A lot of work has yet to be conducted as we speak.

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